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Originally Posted by Platinum503 View Post
Could anyone who has had the online assessment recently give any insight into the atpl questions asked (30 in 10 mins).

Are they similar to the atpl question banks? Do they contain calculations/graph type questions etc or is it one sentence answers to questions?

Its been a while since I did my atpls and was wondering how much detail I have to revise i.e. going through 1000s of questions on the question banks again

Questions are random from pretty much all the subjects. There are no complex questions or questions requiring calculation, only theoretical ones. It's an ultimate sprint and in my opinion they are not really assessing your knowledge with this one, but your ability to manage your time effectively. You got 20 seconds per question, so once you finish reading all the answers, you got maybe 1-2 seconds left to decide. If you have doubts and are deciding between 2 answers, just "roll the dice" and pick one, because otherwise you won't be able to finish in time.

And don't worry. Requirement to pass this one is nowhere near 75% as it's on the ATPL's. I would say its around 40% AT HIGHEST... So don't waste your time going through that huge 15.000 question bank again.

It's a similar story when it comes to the online "interview". They don't expect you to give the perfect answers. They are actually assessing your english language fluency/skills...

Before they introduced this "stage 1 online assessment", about 20% of candidates that got invited to the interview in Dublin failed their assessment, simply because their english wasn't good enough. They wanted to reduce that number, so they came up with this "online test".

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