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Originally Posted by Sprogget View Post
But your belief completely ignores the ruling of the CJEU. How do you reconcile your belief with this week's court ruling?
No it doesn't at all.

All the CJEU ruling has defined is a narrow aspect of Article 50, and specifically whether the UK could withdraw its Article 50 notification without immediate penalty, in effect. If we were to do a 180 and choose to remain, there is nothing at all in the CJEU ruling to prevent the rest of the EU treating the UK differently in any future negotiation.

Does anyone REALLY believe that the EU is just going to accept us back at the 11th hour without there being a short to medium term detrimental impact?

Sure we may retain our current status on the day that we withdraw our Article 50 notification, if that's what we choose to do, but having read the ruling there seems nothing at all to stop things changing for the worse later.
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