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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
You will then no doubt be pleased to know the U.K. taxpayer shouldn’t have paid a penny for that, thanks to the EU.

If the NHS had handled the admin correctly then post treatment the Belgian authorities would have been sent the bill....That is how Healthcare for EU nationals works between the various EU states...a system we may well fall out of at the end of March.

Thanks a lot.
Correct, friends visiting Ireland had a requirement to go to hospital and were in for 10 days, they worried about Health Insurance etc but got told NHS will be picking up the bill as you are living in UK. They surprised and partner because he is inquisitive sort started to do some digging and confirmed that is normal practice with well agreed processes.

He also found the Irish Health Body had a well used procedure where Irish people will travel to UK hospitals for treatment and every thing gets paid for by Irish Taxpayer. Hospital manager with whom he became acquainted, both are anglers so that helped used to come and hve a coffee with him most days and told him of how they do it. Seems it has been done for years and also said any UK resident can go into EU in event of a huge waiting list and get treated the same.
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