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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
There's no evidence to support either viewpoint, just speculation, albeit some of it based on history.

There's no doubt at all that we've seriously pissed off many people in the EU, influential people. Does anyone really believe that they are going to completely forget all about the way we've pissed them off and let us back with open arms and no negative consequences? Remember the way de Gaulle very effectively, and almost single-handedly, kept us out of the Common Market for years, because of his personal views?

I believe that not only would the UK have lost standing within the EU (something that's plain to see right now), but it would be seriously disadvantaged in any future negotiations, should we choose to do a 180 at this late stage and choose to remain.
But your belief completely ignores the ruling of the CJEU. How do you reconcile your belief with this week's court ruling?
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