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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post

Dunno...Iíve heard so many stories about stuffed up rosters and good rosters from both senior and junior grumblers, So maybe a lot ATM is down to finger trouble and a lack of familiarity with the system (TBF the company interface is pants). I think it will be Easter until we see how it is really going to work. That said when I was a junior grumbler (RHS and LHS) I do recall weekends off being in short supply, both on Blindlines and Triplines. I think my record run of working weekends as a junior TLH (in the LHS) was 6 months without a weekend off other than during leave.

I suspect JSS made some a bit overly optimistic about what it would deliver.
I've done 14 years in BA now and have seen terms and conditions erode but I don't and I hope don't negotiate a new seniority bidding gradient. I, like most was the same on joining thinking it not fair to miss out on weekends and some of my colleagues almost demanding that they should have weekends off and more control over their rostering but it is a fair system, even now. We were ALL junior when we joined, we have ALL missed out on weekends, parties, family time but as your seniority grows, you gain more control. That is a fair system and the reward for loyalty and years put in. That is what you are or have joined. I get tired of newbies coming in and saying, you don't understand, it's not fair, it's alright for you but rest assured my first 6 years in were very much the same. Suck it up.
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