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Hello all, I went through the test in Maastricht recently.
I confirm what riegercar stated above.
For the communication test it is all about you, the decision is not what they are looking for but really how you come to this decision.This exercise takes 10min.
I was surprised by the level of difficulty of some psychometrics tests. Some are really doable (orientation : you have a map and have to tell where is a town located according to another location. Or you have a PFD and you have to find the corresponding aircraft attitude).
But then the capacity tests (IQ tests) were hard times for me.. Maybe I will be rejected because of that.. Did it happen to one of you ?

Then they grade every results, and write a summery of your performance. they send the report to you first to ask you for the authorisation to transmit it to ASL.
The report come with a recommandation for ASL to wich degree you can fit into an FO position (for instrance Favorable, neutral, defavorable).

Hope it helps.
best of luck
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