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Originally Posted by speed freek View Post

The senior guys grumble about...

The senior guys grumble...

The senior guys grumble about the invasion of privacy regarding commuting. The fact is some people were taking the proverbial, the company realised they could be held accountable and have issued guidance. Many people commute from around the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Spain, many people have no issues. The latest missive saying you should be in the UK the day before departure to be properly rested is no different to my previous employer saying they want you back in base the day before a block of lates.
BA is an “equal opportunity to grumble” company. I’m pretty senior, I have have heard a lots of “junior guys” grumbling, you OTOH say you are fairly junior ....funnily enough you have heard lots “senior guys” grumbling - I rest my case (and my aching back)....

On the specific issue of “commuting”: I gather the ability to commute from overseas was part of the recruiting team’s sales pitch when they put on their road shows in the not too distant past...(oh yes and apparently they also mentioned a “world leading rostering system”)...Guess What - I heard a grumble from a “junior guy” about that recently.

BTW I’m struggling to find any missive from BA saying you should be back in the U.K. the day before departure.

Overall though you are right, there is still good stuff in BA, but people do need to be aware of what they are letting themselves and possibly their family in for.

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