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Originally Posted by Kejim View Post

I did the APS-MCC, Ryanair themselves states that:
«Applicants holding a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION OF APS MCC-TRAINING in accordance with AMC2 FCL.735.A
-Will be given preference during selection
-Will be at a distinct advantage in the interview and assessment process.»

I know that a great percentage of the people with the APS-MCC have had a successful assessment, I do however not know how they compare to candidates with MCC/MCC+JOC, so I can´t tell for sure. Until now the amount of candidates holding APS-MCC has been limited, but I imagine this will change with time.

Anyway I would highly recommend doing the APS-MCC if you don´t already have completed a MCC course.
Thank you for your feedback!

I've seen that part on the Ryanair application page but we will never know if Ryanair actually gives preference to APS candidates on list. We'll never know.
Can I ask you wich flight school you choose for the APS?
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