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Originally Posted by marotti84 View Post
Did any of you attended an APS/MCC? Is is true that applicants with an APS have priority during the selection process over those only MCC?
I did the APS-MCC, Ryanair themselves states that:
«Applicants holding a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION OF APS MCC-TRAINING in accordance with AMC2 FCL.735.A
-Will be given preference during selection
-Will be at a distinct advantage in the interview and assessment process.»

I know that a great percentage of the people with the APS-MCC have had a successful assessment, I do however not know how they compare to candidates with MCC/MCC+JOC, so I can´t tell for sure. Until now the amount of candidates holding APS-MCC has been limited, but I imagine this will change with time.

Anyway I would highly recommend doing the APS-MCC if you don´t already have completed a MCC course.
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