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Originally Posted by speed freek View Post
The senior guys grumble about the invasion of privacy regarding commuting. The fact is some people were taking the proverbial, the company realised they could be held accountable and have issued guidance. Many people commute from around the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Spain, many people have no issues.
Iím sorry but that does not justify the company wading in and snooping on the private travel affairs of everybody. And itís not just those taking the piss, itís people making perfectly reasonable travel arrangements (in my opinion) who have received phone calls because they have fallen foul of some arbitrary rule for being in base a certain amount of time before a duty when all they have done is taken a 45 minute flight to Heathrow. A less fatiguing commute you could not find. I hasten to add this is not my experience but Iím generally in the same boat as the example in question and the only reason I have not had one of these phone calls is because I generally commute on another airline so am off their radar so to speak. I take exception to the overbearing and invasive handling of this issue and I make no apology for that.

I agree though that itís a state of mind but the one big thing you could say for BA in the past was that if you kept your head down youíd be left alone, well the above shows thatís not so true anymore.
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