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I read this thread every now and again and notice the same old names complaining about the same old things
Never was a truer word said. Just like everyone on this thread is looking for a fresh start, why don't those same names look elsewhere? Plenty of airlines and plenty of opportunities.

I'm 3 years in on one of the longhaul fleets, so out of the honeymoon period and still very happy with my decision to come across. I was never going to get the lifestyle I currently enjoy, even going part time with my previous LCC employer.

I have reported fatigue, it was a tough month with high cap and roster assign. Now to look at it objectively, it was the middle of summer when every airline works you hard, roster assign is now a thing of the past and my personal experience was a good one. No one argued with my report and nor should they. There were many reasons why the CAPs were high, but there has also been and continues to be a lot of recruitment which will help deliver the lower CAPs promised in the move to JSS. Yes I still believe that will happen

Speaking of which, I'm just out of the bottom 10% on both the Master Seniority list and my Fleet's senioriy list. I got work in the days I asked for (due child care) and two west coast trips I would never have got under Bidline due my lack of seniority. Friends and colleagues within 500 places above and below me on several fleets all report similar levels of roster satisfaction.

The senior guys grumble about the pension. Personally it's not too different from any of my previous employers but the company contributions and Death in Service benefits are substantially better. PP34 is what it is. If you want money don't come here (frankly you're in the wrong industry) but the BALPA Pay claim is a good one, having actually spoken to the one of the new reps and hearing the CC's position.

The senior guys grumble about staff travel. I took my family to New York in Club for under 500.

The senior guys grumble about the company recruiting cruise pilots onto the 747 and making it harder to get the 3 man trips. The same guys grumble about how hard they're working. The Training Department is at capacity and this is seen as a way to bring relief onto the line quickly, with the rest of the training completed when there is slack in the system. What would you rather? Personally for me it's lower CAPs and maintaining the lifestyle balance.

The senior guys grumble about the invasion of privacy regarding commuting. The fact is some people were taking the proverbial, the company realised they could be held accountable and have issued guidance. Many people commute from around the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Spain, many people have no issues. The latest missive saying you should be in the UK the day before departure to be properly rested is no different to my previous employer saying they want you back in base the day before a block of lates.

The senior guys grumble that only the managers at BA want to run the operation into the ground with cost cutting. eg. A manager's latest interview saying he would like to reduce time off downroute. Shock horror! A manager wants to make the staff work harder for the same pay. "Good grief, how terrible. This would never happen anywhere else"

A lot of grumbles from senior guys are from people who have been here a long time and haven't realised that what they're grumbling about isn't unique to BA. Take it all with a pinch of salt, it's PPRuNe for Heaven's sake.

Feel free to PM me but if you want long haul, it's a good company and it's worth doing BA short haul as the ends justify the means. If you have a Command in a regional base and have no intention of wanting to fly long haul stay where you are. It's pretty simple really.
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