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Originally Posted by Sprogget View Post
So. Parliament will not back no deal.

Parliament will not back May's deal

ECJ says Brexit can be revoked

May says the deal won't be renegotiated.

EU says the deal will not be renegotiated.

UK not prepared for no deal.


May said no snap election
May said no deal better than a bad deal.

Faites vos jeux.
Although the latest report seems to be that May says the deal will be re-negotiated and she is going back to Brussels to win a legally binding assurance that the backstop won't be indefinite. Good luck with that, but if by some chance she did succeed I could see that being a deal that could get through. Although you may not agree with much that Gove says he was right in his view that the backstop has not been sufficiently explained, if we got there it would equate to no FOM, no ECJ no payments to Brussels, no CAP or CFP, and seamless trade with the single market via the customs union. That sounds like the definition of cherry picking to me.
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