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There was a huge house on the Walton Naze clifftops and a bloke I worked with as a sprog was involved with installing a big gun in it. (It is noteworthy that it was in time of war.) He was the electrician but he had a problem: he was colour-blind.

He carried a card with wire samples on it, and a line to Brown, Green etc., etc. I've told the story before, but he had a little spoke wheeled car, and because of his job, half a gallon of fuel per week. However, no tread on the tires. However, again, loads of Bostik and masses of bandages. He just about managed his trip out after binding the wheels.

Rusted (old) Volvo wheel nuts. Very expensive to break a stud off.
In an inspired moment, I spot-welded a cheap ring spanner onto the nut and stood on the end while it was still exceeding hot. Huge creak, and off it came. Just one spot was all it needed.

Seiko pilot's watch with jammed pusher. I had bought loads of them (from 1980's.) over a year or so but never had a pusher that was so determined not to come out. Where the circlip goes on the stem the brass is down to ? very delicate.
The button goes into a surround which leant itself to containing WD40. After two days it still wouldn't budge. With more fluid in the well I heated the case until it was bubbling. Presto ! (groan) it slid out a treat. Changing the gaskets on those is tricky, and finding flying circlips near impossible.

Still got a box of them in Austin and the same here. Just lost interest after I had to move.
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