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If you have a coherent business plan, the answer: whichever one makes you the most money.

I have NO idea what the market is like in the PI. I can only speak to the US. In the US the answer is a no-brainer: it is MUCH easier to make money with, and much less expensive to fly, the R44. And that INCLUDES putting money into an account for the big 12 year overhaul.

In the US the retail cost for an R44 is in the $500/hr range, and for the 206 in the $1200/hr range. Even though the R44 is not as capable you will find many more people willing to rent time in it. Insurance will be FAR less costly on the 44, and therefore it will cost you a lot less when it is idle. And any personal time you put on a 44 will cost you half of what it costs to operate the 206, yes, again, INCLUDING putting money away for the 12 year overhaul.

Two caveats with the 44: 1) assuming a brand new or newly overhauled machine, put at least 200 hours a year on it otherwise it'll time out before overhaul and that's money down the drain. 2) Save that money for the overhaul or you'll be throwing away $100K worth of run-out machine at the end. It's mostly in this latter area where people go wrong.

So...figure out a realistic business plan and go with what makes you money and what gets the cost of your personal flying where you want it to be. A 44 vs. a 206 is apple and oranges, chalk and cheese, they work in two relatively different market segments. If you can make the 206 business plan work, obviously it is a nicer, more capable machine to be flying.
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