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From time to time a feature in my car stops working. Sometimes is is trivial such as the clock has reset the hours to 12. Then you notice the sat nav bug is tracking South as I drive north.

Now that could be entertaining if I was in a car train. The solution is to stop and reboot the computer.

I had another sat nav issue around Southampton. It would lock up. It might have been a general mapping error or a glitch in the downloaded data but the only consistency was Southampton and not a particular spot.

And somewhere in the thread above was talk of totally autonomous pods. At least in a single city coherence should not be an issue.

We have all come across routed down steps, through bollards, over walls etc. I accept that better AI systems will know when one car finds the error or new one way street and informs all local traffic and updates a central server. That will make Brexit seems as simple as a walk in the park.
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