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Originally Posted by sfm818 View Post
Not true in respect to the BBC.

The conduct of Robinson and Neal across social media is matched by Humphrys, Dimbleby and Marr using their publicly funded platforms on a host broadcast service to shout down pro-EU opinion.

Another institution that is no longer trustworthy was also out on maneouvres this week. With debate over Northern Ireland serving as a useful distraction, the Conservative party released on the UK government website details of how they expect to save 1billion for the NHS in 2019.

In effect, their plan to disguise possible disruption to the NHS drugs supply chain is to give pharmacists the power to alter GP prescriptions.

It wasn't easy wrestling the title ' worst health secretary in living memory' from his predecessor, but this week Hancock not only accomplished that task, but managed to violate the ministerial code by using his social media account to promote a private company. Just another day in the office for a minister in the May cabinet.

What a time to be alive .. unless you happen to be a self funded private patient, trying to absorb a 503% increase on the cost of your drugs since November 2017.

If that reality had been painted on the side of a red bus two years ago, people wouldn't be in this current position, arguing the toss over the validity of campaign promises which clearly cannot be delivered.

Really? Neil is more Leave than remain but gives everyone a grilling. I’m talking about the organisation as a whole. It’s an organisation that is meant to be impartial but is far from it. Take a look at the Mash Report and tell me they aren’t biased! I’ll give them credit though that they have changed over the last six months or so and at least try and provide balance on the news when discussing the issue but their news is always slanted toward the negative. At the time they were far from it. Neil has a few shows a week. BBC news was 24/7.

The rest of your rest of your post is irrelevant whataboutery. We are talking about the lead up to the vote. The establishment and its media thought they could all just brand brexiteers racist and push their little project fear and that all will be successful and the question would be put to bed. They had their chance and they blew it. Perhaps if more was made about the benefits of the EU we would be in a different situation. Alas, leave won. Negative campaigning is rarely successful. Remain, Hilary, Tories in GE17 all show us that.

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