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Happened at my previous too. Layovers reduced. Iíve always said JSS is only the first step of the grand plan [camera draws away to show white cat being stroked on a leather armchair] . JSS well placed to exploit holes in bidline rules which were specifically written with a sister system in mind. That system gone, tweaks to BLR already been happening for ages.

Limit the line hoarding of the newly created high credit 3 day LAXs etc with limits (sold to the workers as being of benefit to juniors). Then theyíre sprinkled about the demographic forcing most rosters to contain more plentiful low credit items. Any day at home benefits nicely put up in smoke, Man hours utilisation achieved. Just one way [camera shows white cat now purring and weird kinky gloved hand reaches for the brandy glass]

BA. Can be a fantastic place to work. Donít forget that those looking in. Itís not entire gloom. No one saying that. But the blacks are swamping the whites now. So the positives are holding less and less currency with each change. Especially if youíre junior trash like a lot of us. Such a shame. Itís increasingly draining. Often intimidating, not unfair to say almost Stasi-esque through its own actions sometimes (surveil your workers travel on personal time anyone?) and sometimes the comms read a little like a mafioso internal newsletter from the capos.

They now want champagne workers on a beer budget and they donít mind admitting it. Thatís bad. Very bad. That theyíre starting to talk openly about it, amid such vast profits. If you join your joining a firm thatís making a fortune where terms are on a down slope. Theyíre not worried. Post bagís full apparantly. And I think theyíre telling the truth to be fair. It really will come down to personal choice.

I hope the union better will not suggest giving anything up for the ďpay rise?. If anything Iíd rather they treat lifestyle as a priority, like air. Itís up against the ropes as is. No concessions please.

looks like I picked the wrong year to quit sniffing glue.
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