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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
Very sad, particularly as the UK is NOT a member of the WTO in our own right. We are a member of the EU, and part of the EU's WTO membership. When we leave the EU we do not automatically become a WTO member as some Brexiteers would like to believe. Our membership has to be split from the EU's joint membership, and this is another issue that has to be negotiated between us.

The UK is already a WTO member, but its membership terms are bundled with the EU’s. Re-establishing the UK’s WTO status in its own right means both the UK and the EU would negotiate simultaneously with the rest of the WTO’s members to extract their separate membership terms. Agreement on the UK’s terms is unlikely before those of the EU.

If we crash out next March without any agreement, we will not be an WTO member.

Subtle perhaps, but I believe the UK is a member of the WTO in its own right, and the WTO themselves have said that our membership will continue post brexit (I think your bolded text confirms that). I agree our trade terms and schedules would need to be extracted from those conferred by EU membership and agreed. This activity has already been ongoing for some period of time, the UK formally began the process of separating our WTO terms from the EU's back in July this year.

There is a quite interesting summary of the process from the institute of Government here https://www.instituteforgovernment.o...ganization-wto which outlines the process. Like everything challenges and complexities, but not impossible.
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