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Thread drifting lazily in the winter breeze.

I'm confused. How are they so good when the active radius is reduced?

So much is to do with the doi'n up of things. Torque issues when tightening. Static or running torque? A huge difference. I always used a book figure modified with a lot of gut feeling.

I have a pal that won't allow any grease on wheel bolts. That's another thing when routinely torquing up valuable kit. Lube, or Locktight. I'm never really sure what to do about thread surfaces and usually play safe - though I put copper on wheel nuts/bolts. My previously mentioned big end nuts had to be cut off because of using Colchester lathe clear stuff that must have been decades out of date. May just as well have welded them.

I did consider taking the heads off my Cadillac's Northstar engine. N*, as it's known. One does not use Helix thingies, but a dedicated device that bolts into a newly drilled hole. (one hires a plate to guide the drill) One of the things that stopped me doing the job was getting the very critical torque just so. That and a back that's not as bendy as it was.

I just read an ad that poo pooes TimeSert insert things. Studs are best. They don't show you one.

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