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Nick Timothy?!! Anyone's fault but mine, guv. You cannot seriously place any store in him? The most busted flush on the right & it's a crowded field.

The ineptness of the government isn't in delivering Brexit. It's undeliverable. You only need look at the NI border to understand this. And that feeds into the real incompetence of the government. They lied & lied and continue to lie. At any point, May could have levelled with people. Canada +++++++++ or whatever it is this week is a fantasy, it can't work. But she never did that, she strung us along the whole time, promising free trade but no more foreigners making the place look untidy or we'll just walk away! Until the inevitable happened - concede on the border or wreck the economy. Tough choice, fulfil a right wing wet dream & wreck the place in the process or face humiliation with unavoidable compromises but keep the lights on.

As for WTO, not one nation trades exclusively under that system. The contention is flat out wrong.

The UK for example trades with 24 of 159 countries under WTO rules & even then most have supplementary arrangements.and even then again, it's a tiny proportion of our trade and that's because of tariffs. Look them up & stockpile steak.. Practically the whole of UK plc says WTO would be a disaster. John Redwood, Jacob Rich-Mogg & Ian drunken Smith say it'll be fine. As ever, you are entitled to alternative opinions, but not alternative facts.WTO my eye.
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