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Originally Posted by paulc View Post
you cite that eu accounts were signed off for 2 years, how many of the previous years were audited and signed off?
Paul, you accuse me of condescension, in response, presumably to me levelling an accusation that you have been misinformed for years. If I then offer you a route to correct that that involves one single click of your mouse & you choose not to do that, is that condescension not justified?

Originally Posted by BBC article said

Reality Check verdict: The Court of Auditors has signed the EU accounts every year since 2007, while pointing out that EU countries, once they receive the EU funds, misuse about 4.4% of the total budget.

You are of course free to be sick of this or that. Personally I'm sick to the back teeth of uninformed leavers who en masse have clubbed together to shaft this country for a generation based on false prospectuses they couldn't be bothered to challenge even to the extent of browsing a few widely available web pages explicitly provided to them for their own benefit.
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