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Originally Posted by Nomad2 View Post
Look Sprogget.
i don't work in India any more, so you'll probably be more up to date on the ToI than me.
I'm fed up with those who seem to want to rewrite recent history.
It's over and you had your say. The remainers LOST.
Instead of carping about the ''''unfortunate" outcome, we should be looking forward to some positive changes.

Also, if you're going to ignore, undermine and generally ridicule the ordinary working class people, don't be surprised if they bite you in the ass when they get a chance.
As soon as you can marshal a coherent argument that has any bearing on the real world rather than some cake & unicorns 'You lost, get over it' nonsense, then I'll happily don my extra thick pants. Until that point though, you'd be better served reading up a little on this whole thing than repeatedly making a bit of a show of yourself in public.
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