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Haven't been here for a while. Since I last visited the Brexit thread (which is what this thread has been hijacked to become) much has happened. Interesting to know that days after I left 'that' thread describing it as becoming a spiteful cesspit of abuse the mods decided to close it pretty much citing that as the reason. I'm sure the two are not related

I voted for Brexit, and I still support Brexit. In light of any practical alternative I favour a no-deal Brexit but I still accept that this would not be the ideal outcome for the entire UK. Some two years ago or so I did not support a second referendum the reason being well stated at the time - if we were to signal to the EU that any final deal would be put to a public vote then the EU would simply offer us a poor deal and the UK would likely vote to remain (but on what terms we knew not).

Instead it was made very clear to the EU that there would be no second vote and 'leave meant leave'. That being the case I think the EU got the message and they have been negotiating with that in mind - we are leaving, no doubt about it. As such I think the current situation we have arrived at is the 'best' deal that the UK can expect and the EU have been negotiating in an honest realistic fashion.

Now that we know what 'leave means leave' in the sense that it has been spelt out I now have no objection to a second vote. If we had gone into the negotiations with a second public vote inevitably in the offing we wouldn't be where we are now.

Looking into the blue yonder, it surprise me that Brexit has come down to placating a couple of hundred murderous thugs in Ireland on both sides of the border who simply want to kill each other. We are, somewhat, hostage to them.

For the avoidance of doubt, I reluctantly support Mrs May's deal.
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