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Originally Posted by India Four Two View Post
I wonder if that is because you didn't have the right screwdriver. I only recently learned about JIS screws.

I think it's highly likely that I tried to use a Phillips screwdriver, as I'd never heard of the JIS head back then and this was (I believe) before Posidrive became well-known as a variant of cross-head screw. In any case, after I'd removed all the screws with an impact driver they were replaced with a set of socket head screws, which made life a lot easier. The real PITA with this bike was that it needed very frequent oil changes, as it had no oil filter, just a sort of centrifugal spinner thing behind a cover on one side (held in place with three screws). This crude spinner thing trapped bits of crud and needed cleaning out every time you did an oil change, hence part of my frustration with the original screw heads. As the bike was a few years old when I acquired it, the screw heads had already been butchered a fair bit as well.
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