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Originally Posted by Nomad2 View Post
If you wish to join a club, it's reasonable to negotiate the conditions under which you join, and to pay a joining fee.

What's not reasonable, is negotiating with the club on your conditions- and paying a fee- when you leave!

BrExit means what it says. LEAVE!

No strings, no talks, no fee. Just bye!

The decision to leave is a strategic one. Tactical issues must not be allowed to drive the strategy!

Heard an interesting comment re the much discussed border issue between NI and Eire. The question was simply asked, it's a border between Eire and Northern Ireland only.
Northern Ireland doesn't wish a hard border.
Eire doesn't wish a hard border.
Soif neither party wants one, who could possibly construct and administer such a border apart from NI and Eire? Germany???

I'm outside the UK these days, not in Hyderabad unfortunately, but finding it delicious watching the chattering classes wriggling, firmly impaled on a hook that they baited for themselves.

Squirm on.

There will be no deal- I hope. No second vote, and hopefully no border around NI.

The hard thing in democracy is sucking it up if you find yourself on the losing side.

There's plenty of people in the U.K. who've been on the losing side their entire lives, and the UK Government maybe shouldn't have asked them for their opinion, but ask they did.

Now, shut up and do as you were told.
It's comforting that you bookend your breathtaking ignorance of Brexit with a general bunch of insults. I take heart that your side of the debate is shored up by people like you who haven't the slightest idea what they're talking about beyond the odd meaningless phrase or two picked up in the Times of India or somewhere.
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