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Originally Posted by Sprogget View Post
Important to note whilst yesterday was an enjoyable & well deserved comeuppance for a shambolic government prone to anti democratic reflexes via pulling fast ones left, right & centre, the UK will still leave the EU on the 29th of March next year. I see nothing to halt that as we speak.
Well unless the PM and her cabinet decide to call a time out, which I seem to recall the EU would be happy to go along with on the basis that we were going to do something constructive with it, rather than just kick the can down the road. I recall two of the events that would be reason enough a re general election or a new referendum. The former would be a total waste of time, and achieve nothing; the latter less of a waste of time, could perhaps achieve something.

I was struck this morning by Chakrabati and Raab both under the misguided impression that the EU will suddenly reopen negotiations with the UK if Corbyn or May went back to them. Deluded, stupid - I really don't know which?
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