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Well well well...
Look who's going out of the wood when some negative feedbacks pop up.

The marketing & communications department is really efficient, as I wrote in my post ))
Here you can't ban me, huh?!
Originally Posted by BAATraining View Post
To all BAA Training current and future pilots,
Reacting to the current situation at our Ab Initio school, we apologize for inconveniences that we have caused you.
The delays started in summer 2017, 16 months ago.

At that time, the VFR season was not finished for many of your students, some of them barely did 30 hours in 4 months.
More than half of the students didn't finish the VFR in 4 months.
As a total, the VFR part was done in 6 months...80 hours (13 hours per month !).
You are not a professional flying school, you are an amateur flying club.

So it's not about "the current situation", it's a very long term situation that you chose to ignore.
Today, you suffer the consequences
...or not. You'll get your salary anyway.

Originally Posted by BAATraining View Post
With the growing student number at our Ab Initio school, we have added 4 additional aircraft to our fleet and a flight base in Spain in order to extend our training capabilities. Nevertheless the number of force majeure situations that appeared during few past months left us with struggles to replan flight training schedule accordingly. We acknowledge facing longer delays of flight training than initially planned for approximately 14% of our current students.
I'm going to make a translation here for the readers who are not insiders or former students of BAA :
- "The growing number of students" started in winter 2016-2017, 2 years ago. It's not a new phenomenon. It's been 2 years !
In 2016, you took one class of 10ish people in October, 10ish people in december, in 2017 25 people in february, and so on...without increasing the fleet, and now you are surprisingly in a panic situation?
You must be kidding.

- "Force majeur situations" are about extreme weather, unexpected closure of the airport, etc... Not about a lack of airplanes because the school decided to save money on the fleet!
Even if there is a crash, you were so greedy that you didn't have any enough back-up planes, like all any schools have.

- 14% is a lie. Students of all stages are delayed.
The multi-engine students are waiting for 2 months so far, and they have to wait until january to finish their flight training, they are not even sure to make it before the end of the contract. Their training will finish 24 months after starting. In other schools, it takes 16 months.
The IFR students are sent home until minimum end of February (some of them finished VFR in...September!!)
The VFR students don't fly as planned. Of course, there's half of the VFR fleet available. Fog appears in Lleida, winter begins.

It's a huge mess. You should tell the truth to your students and the people out there.

Originally Posted by BAATraining View Post
We are:
  • undergoing the selection processes for multi-engine and single-engine IRF and VFR instructors to join our team in December, January and February
  • closing a purchase process for an additional Cessna 172 to join our fleet as we speak
  • negotiating the purchase for one more Cessna 172 to be added in spring
You didn't even plan how many instructors available you will have in the school for the upcoming months?
You can't make your work and study how many aircrafts you can fly, how many students you must train, how many instructors per students?
Basic calculations... you are not even able to do them. Remember your poor excel file you showed in spring, that was a total lie.

Same story as in 2017. You promised changes, you promised a bigger fleet, you promised a smooth training.
Nothing of those happened.

You shouldn't buy one more Cessna. You should double or triple your fleet !!!
How come CTC has 43 C172 and you have 6 poor flying C172 ???
FTE has 20 IFR Warriors. You have 6 IFR planes available.
Look how the students are stuck and desperate to fly !!

You really live on another planet.

Originally Posted by BAATraining View Post
  • ready to transfer Tecnam 2006: as soon as the weather will allow the aircraft will depart from Vilnius to Lleida
Then how do you explain that the next group starting the multi-engine is planned for the 7th of January?
The multi is just not ready. And you have no idea when it will be for practical flying in Spain.

I just checked, Air Bartolini has 3 P2006. You have 1 and maybe soon 2. And that school is way smaller than you.
CTC has 17 multi-engines ! You have 1 and maybe soon 2.
European Flight Training has 14 ! You have 1 and maybe soon 2.
Should I continue?

Originally Posted by BAATraining View Post
The whole BAA Training Ab Initio team is putting their utmost priority and daily efforts not only to make changes but also communicate openly with our students through this process.
The basic organisation is not even performed.

I should also add that the school (which includes the flights) closes 2 weeks for holidays.
Absolutely all the flying students are enduring a huge delay, BAA might not even be able to finish the students before the end of the student contracts.... but BAA closes 2 weeks for Christmas !
Go work in a regular company, you will get back to work the 2nd of January, and some people work during the christmas week.

Force majeure you said ? The delays are big? THEN GO WORK DURING HOLIDAYS !

Your team just plays pool and make social network pictures. All your system is about making Youtube videos by beginner students in a 737, roadshows, events for promotion of your school. The team seems to realise only now that the mess is huge.
You should fire all the cylinders now, make simple calculations about the number of airplanes/students/FI, make a plan, buy planes, hire enough FI and pay them properly, so as they don't escape like they all do.

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