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There are some things that I canít still believe and understand.

First: Maybe instead of apologize to us, try to think in advance. You had more than one year to calculate how many aircraft would be needed in order to provide every single student smoothe, fluent, efficient, effective and proper training. Was it so hard to calculate that 4 C172 would be too few for 40 and even more students simultaneously? Well, aparently everyone can see that this basic maths was too hard for you. Furthermore, the number of students is growing month by month. You need to offer something in return, not only sitting and checking the income.

Second: You wrote that you are hiring instructors for upcoming year (december, January, february). Do you know maybe where have previous instructors gone? If you donít, then Iíll enlighten your mind: they have just quit their job. If you donít know why they have done that, then let me explain you why: deteriorated working conditions. The salary has decreased. Instead of trying to keep them in company by increasing salaries a bit, you have just let them go. Now, because of your greed, we as the students are struggling with lack of instructors, which equals to lack of flying and sending home the students that were supposed to start flying in Spain. Another problem is that you donít even help your own employees in Spain finding any flat etc. So please tell me how is that possible in such ĄhonouredĒ company with so many positive opinions? Allegedly, you are the best flight academy right after Lufthansa. That ranking made by your parent company explains everything.

Among us, the students, there are some guys that were leading and are still leading their own business and trust me, if you donít have anyone that could organize that massive mess at the management department, then just ask some of us. We will find a solution, it is not hard, you just need to have good ability of logical thinking in advance. I canít find that feature among your management workers. You need to keep in mind that we are not only the cash provider. We are the customers, we expect that goods, that youíll sell us, will be good. And now you are selling us nothing more than empty promises. The only thing we can be sure is DELAY and the answer Ąwe donít knowíí. When it comes to pay next instalments, we receive email everyday, but when we expect some answer to our questions from you, you have a problem to give us logical reply.

Dear BAA, we are not stupid, we know that very bad things happen inside the school, we speak with instructors, other students and so on. So please stop blurring our eyes. I donít think that your are providing us efficient training. More than 4 months break at our initial stage of flying, I donít think itís good.

Ąbig enough to offer large capabilities, close enough for personal careĒ thatís the slogan at the bottom of every page of your notebooks, that you are giving to students. Well, donít you think that itís time to change that slogan? You are not big enough to offer large capabilities AT ALL.

I know that the IFR student pilots in Spain have still less that 20 hours each, even though there are just few of them. The rest is sitting at home and waiting till the first group will finish. BAA, why did they do barely 20 hours in more that 2 months? Can we expect any answer from you?

Students and instructors are complaining a lot about that school and donít recommend it to anyone. That means that the problem lies within the company.

So to sum up, instead of hiring hundreds of workers for useless stuff, maybe itís time to focus more on students, who provide you huge income and instructors, that will ensure you effective students rotation. Otherwise I canít see any reasonable solution. Youíll go down one day thanks to your own greed. So far I can honestly say, I wouldn't recommend anyone even to think about joining that school
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