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I have not had a serious problem so far, and I am no spring chicken.

I read a chapter of a novel in bed before sleep, which usually settles me. (An actual book, not a screen). If sleep doesn’t happen, I try another chapter or put my bedside radio, tuned to a quiet speech channel on a sleep timer of 15 mins. I have rigged up headphones for the television so Mrs Uplinker doesn’t disturb me. And, as you have tried, sleep in the spare room.

Try giving up caffeine altogether - I drink only decaff. Try only decaff for a month and see how you get on.

How fit are you? I ask because the folk at work who complain about not being able to change sleep patterns are almost universally fat and unfit. I don’t know if this is a causal factor, but as lekkerste says, going for a run once or twice a week seems to help. I also do daily press-ups and sit-ups and eat healthily. If your waist diameter is larger than your hip diameter, you probably need to cut out all sugar, eat much less carbs, and get toned up

Good luck !
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