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One of the reasons why DIY would appear to have retained popularity in OZ is that several of the TV gardening programs started to include minor DIY segments - painting / decorating flower pots and the like. This morphed into redesigning a complete garden corner, and then in time sprucing up the back verandah, building a pergola / barbeque / garden shed. Before you could snap a drill bit it went on to renovations to a room / rooms / almost the whole house. All this on an entire TV program if you don't mind. Other networks copied and for a while you were hard pressed to avoid these DIY programs, always with a tradie type bloke taking advice from a by no means unattractive female brandishing a new cordless electric drill or paint roller or wrecking hammer about to take out a partition (or put one in somewhere). I rarely watch TV beyond the news and perhaps Whatshisname in a pink jacket on a train somewhere brandishing an increasingly dilapidated book on how it was a hundred years ago, but this DIY fad seems to diminished in its frenzy, perhaps even died out altogether. Perhaps it's been overtaken to the point of total extinction by a scourge of cooking and food shows - an even bigger waste of spectrum if you ask me.

I did change a couple of tap washers earlier in the week without destroying the entire plumbing network. Quite a neat job I thought.
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