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Originally Posted by Bull at a Gate View Post
DIY in Australia is booming. The hugely successful (in Oz at least) hardware conglomerate "Bunnings" is full of people every weekend. I am going there soon to get the materials for a new floating floor to be installed (by me of course) in my new shed. All the tools I need will be there and there is a huge range of flooring styles available.

The shed also needs a rainwater tank and associated roof plumbing - also available at Bunnings. And I just finished painting it inside and staining it outside, guess where I went to get the materials?

I am far from alone.

FYI Bunnings UK retail DIY venture just went spectacularly bust as they totally failed to recognise that DIY is no longer sexy over here in the UK for the under 40's

The over 40's and UK tradespeople bought what they knew they needed from trade outlets that were cheaper and happy to sell to anyone who knew what they needed and why.
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