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I took a gander at the CVR transcript from the docket, and I think it's a really interesting illustration of professionalism, competence, and humanity. The pilots apparently intended to pull the CVR breaker at some point after landing and either failed or couldn't find it (p.65,p.86). So there is a lot more than we usually get of the aftermath of an incident- including debriefing between the pilots and with with the union and ARFF. The CVR is not fully turned off until after the airplane is towed away.

They did have to skip a few checklist items, but in totality they acted efficiently to perform a safe landing. (Engine Fire and Engine Severe Damage checklists seem to have been completed to the best of their ability.) It seems that there was a lot of mutual understanding or non-verbal communication not captured on the CVR, which is interesting.

Given the situation they faced, which included 1. Uncontained engine failure, 2. Resultant control problems due to airflow changes, 3. Loss of half of their hydraulics, 4. Rapid depressurization, and 5. Severely injured passenger, I'd say they did a solid job.

At the beginning of the incident there's not much intelligible audio, possibly because of the crew masks.

Some things I noted:

They did not make contact with the cabin crew until about 12 minutes into the incident- they were focused on descending.

The captain decided to do flaps 5 landing because of possible control surface damage and controllability issues.

They knew pretty much right away that the passenger had died, and informed the airline within about 7 minutes of landing when they called dispatch.

p.67 - The FO gets annoyed when scheduling calls him and he tries to get them off the phone as soon as possible.

p.70 - The FO summarized the incident thusly to the union rep on the phone:

I think the engine blew up I think a fan blade pierced our window I think we had a rapid decompression because of that. that's what I think happened.
p.72 - GND wants to know if they suspect terrorism. FO says no, mechanical, 100%.

p.78-81 - The pilots debrief each other and try to get their story straight about skipping checklist items. Nothing nefarious here! The captain takes responsibility and says they FO shouldn't try to cover for her.
I just wanted to know you don't have to defend my skipping of some of the checklists to get on the ground.
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