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Hi Barrichello,
Sorry to hear about this, it's not fun !
I was in your situation a couple of weeks ago. I've been diagnosed with rectal cancer and am now 3 weeks into a 5 week course of chemo and radiotherapy.
There is no doubt that the tests and waiting are the worst part, the good news is that its mentally easier to deal with once you know exactly what you're dealing with you have a treatment plan in place.
I'm not a pilot (I'm an engineer) so I'm not really qualified to answer your question concerning your medical, although I do know that it not because you've had cancer that you will be considered unfit to fly. Your ability to pass the medical will depend upon the long term side effects caused by your treatments and/or operations.
Once you get your diagnosis speak to your specialist about your options and any long term health effects they may have.
Certainly as Wiggly has mentioned there are plenty of guys flying around post cancer so don't give up !

Kind Regards

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