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Originally Posted by If you say so View Post
First.officer - I do understand your train of thought, and yes the is likely to be some kind of more serious issue behind his actions. This is deserving of sympathy and he does need support of the kind we are sadly unable to give.

That said, this guy does have form for trying to raise money in a fraudulent manner; his whole family are actively involved in the whole scheme, and he is certainly raising false hopes of employment opportunity on both sides of the World.

Today he has however surpassed himself by specifically naming in person, a previous detractor, in public social media and making ludicrous and totally false claim of fraud against Atmosphere (oh the irony). I know the guy named (an ex-colleague now in a senior mgt position within our industry); And I can utterly vouch for his integrity.

False character assassinations is now raising the bar. The little boy needs to go away fast before his game really comes back to bite him. As far as Iím aware, two entities are now pursuing legal means to silence him.
On what channel were these allegations written?
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