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Geriaviator - "A last letter to our dear friend Danny" . . .. . . The perfect tribute. I dips me lid.

August last , Danny responded thus to some RAAF Vengeance material I sent him by snail mail, -

"It is a very detailed pic of a standard VV bomb-load: noted the two (500 lb) are fitted with "trunnion bands", the trunnions can be seen sticking out, ready to engage the bomb bay "forks", which threw them clear of the prop disc on release. The two 250 lbs went on the wing racks.

"Dive attacks on shipping at night ? Don't be silly !

"Will comment further when I have a chance to study them, things a bit hectic here, seems I have diastolic heart failure. Do not know what Cardiologist can do about it, save probably: "Give the old bugger some more pills and let him die in peace !" Might not be with you for long."

As a certain Chilean reporter put it, broadcasting from his over-flying aircraft as Chichester went through the Straits of Magelllan -

" Qué hombre! " (For Danny, ditto - doubly.)
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