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If you do leave the Union, vote "no" before you go...there's a good chap. I wouldn't worry about Jumpseats. Chances are the Captain would have just left the union as well!!

This is hilarious, I see two groups pointing at each other shouting "they're going to sell us out". The reality is neither group is going to find the DFO's sht sandwich palatable. I believe we are way more united than the DFO thinks. He is unwittingly forcing us together.

The majority of expats won't support this. They know the company has treated Housing as policy for a year now. The company hasn't changed it, not out of kindness, but out of fear of backlash. There must be about 300 who will have to pay more under the deal. Apart from the Chairman and 2 VCs (who will offset their losses with Training/management positions), the rest would be crazy to vote themselves a paycut. Then you've got the 100 or so taking $24k, they receive less than HKPA, so voting "yes" locks them in. The guys on mortgages who vote "yes" kiss good-bye to 25 Year
Housing and endorse the company's broken promise. That's going to make us all gag.

The majority of LEPs won't support this either. $4000 HKPA doesn't offset the loss from locking in a zero % payrise. Inflation will kill them. Also, once zero % is locked in, it's going to be hard to turn that around in future pay talks. The smarter SO/FOs realise the company is planning to move them closer to POS18 and the only thing to protect them is the TB. Once that's gone, the company won't be caught out again. They junior folks know it will just be them and the company, the company however will be holding a box of pineapples labelled COS18.

Maybe self-interest will prevail, but it seems to me that except for a few "special people", self interest will demand a "no" and a continuation of TB/CC through a period when an A50 arrives every month, resignations are running at 5% and retirements start happening again after a 10 year hiatus. The company are nearly 2 years through a 3 year transformation plan and most people will realise now is not the time to give up.

Stay the course.

PS. Even if a vote started today, it won't finish before Xmas, so you will know the fate of 13th month before voting. That sets up nicely for a bit of backlash over CNY
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