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Originally Posted by phil gollin View Post

This article in The Guardian shows that there was a statement in the Indonesian Parliament ;



Does anyone know how the recovery of the bodies is going ?

Well, the Guardian article links to a pay-walled Australian article that purportedly reports on the Indonesian Parliament. And the Guardian journo clearly knows all-but-zip about this or any other aspect of aviation.

At this relatively early stage in the hard-core investigation, it's always a tad expected - and sad - that the assorted parties try and "bat the issue back over the net". The manufacturer will say, look at the airline and its procedures; the airline will say, look at the manufacturer and its procedures. Repeat. Repeat. The "truth" will as sure as eggs is eggs lie in between - almost every single sad event like this requires a lot of holes in the cheese to line up, as we should well know.

IIRC, the recent Indonesian press release (if genuine; whose FDR charts are extensively discussed above) said that the search for bodies had now been completed.
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