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One thing I find interresting is that the engines were all the original 1939 models (I understand upgraded / more powerful engines were later fitted in the JU-52) with all about 1000h since last retrofit. I wonder what kind of actual power they could deliver.
In an earlier interview, the CEO of Ju-Air (before the accident) said that the three engines were rated at 500 hp each, not a lot for a 10.5 t hardware. Looking at the picture of the three cylinders in the interim report, this figure may even be rather optimistic.
Unless I have missed it no mention of passenger recording. Surprising.
The accident investigation (SUST) mentioned that cameras of victims were found, but up to date could not be evaluated due to the damage sustained. So they ask now passengers on earlier similar flights if they would please submit recordings.
There is indeed no statement to the cause of this tragedy. I think they will be very careful to word it even in the final report as it might be fodder for the lawyers. There is strong sympathy for the enthusiasm of the hole outfit (understandbly) and the pilots are mostly of military background who will stick togethter like glue (also understandbly)
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