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Originally Posted by Oakape View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the STS only operate with flaps extended & MCAS only with flaps up?
Following from FCOM
STS operates most frequently during takeoffs, climb and go-arounds. Conditions
for speed trim operation are listed below:
Airspeed between 100 KIAS and
Mach 0.5
10 seconds after takeoff
5 seconds following release of
trim switches
Autopilot not engaged
Sensing of trim requirement

B737 -300 (non-EFIS) FCOM
Flaps not up
Air speed 100-300 KIAS
N1 above 60%
(Rest of the conditions same as NG above)

MAX unknown. (some one in this forum can help)
Only Tristar_Drvr has mentioned he is flying the MAX in this forum. So he should know.
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