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Had just two flights in a Victor, XH591 in the jump seat from Tengah to Butterworth and return, to repair a Red Steer fault in another of our aircraft, in 1965. The outward trip was in the morning and low-level all the way, very low through the mountains while the pilots were taking photos, then we were called to help out the police with a pirate ship attacking a merchant vessel in the Malacca straits, a common occurrence back then, and we flew low and slow just above the waves towards the pirates ship and saw the crew jumping overboard from a Chinese junk before we opened up and climbed away. It was reported that the junk had capsized and police launches were picking up the crew. Return was at night and my mic failed before take-off so I borrowed a spare mask from one of the crew in the back, I only remember one was S/L Milne, our CO. Should have been high level but a loud pop at about 20,000' on the climb was identified as a cracked windscreen so we depressurised and levelled off and I had to hold the mask to my face to keep the oxygen dolls-eye blinking as it was a bad fit. I recall a comment just before we landed that we were close to Indonesian (enemy) airspace at one point. I believe the B1As were limited to 55,000'.
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