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Scenario from the Sim

Yesterday whilst 'learning' the new airspace, I already know the procedures...I was faced with this scenario, it was damn ugly.

A B744 was 2 miles in front of a PA31 1000 feet above, I told him to expect furhter descent in 1 minute, due to opening speed; PA31 was in cloud.

B744 says were clear of cloud now request VFR descent through the PA31.

Sure, go for it. Descend VFR to 8000 feet. traffic is... PA31 traffic is...

Now the rules say that the B747 is responsible for wake turbulance whilst doing this procedure...

What about the PA31, who would have got flipped on his lid...?

I don't have to apply wake sep, or even issue a warning...

This has nobs on it. My only solice is that a B744 probably won't ever do this but they might.

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