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Gaunty I don't know the individuals on the NASIG from Adam, so this is not aimed at anyone in particular, but you and I have been in this industry well long enough to know it holds more than it's fair share of highly 'qualified' yes men/idiots. I remain to be convinced that NAS is not a political process stemming from DS feeding Anderson a load of BS about saving vast amounts of money to get 'his' airspace reform up...yet again.

Any comparison with USNAS, from a safety mitigation pov, is disengenuous...we are NOT getting USNAS. While the US has 85% radar coverage to our minute coverage it will always remain a poor, retarded cousin.

If ignoring this FACT, and the early 70s FAA study that found maximum inclusion of all traffic to be the only way to safer skies, not to mention ATSBs reservation on See and Avoid, is not ignoring the inconveniant then I don't know what is!!

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