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Originally Posted by 747-8driver View Post
If the nose of the airplane starts to move towards the ground wouldn't you automatically pull the control column AND move the stabilizer trim switches to the nose up position which would stop this MCAS trimming nose down?
From day one of flight school we are taught to fly the stick, and only use trim to take out stick-loads. And never to fly the trimmer. (And that slides across to the 737, even though its stab-trimmer is more powerful than the stick-elevator.). Ok, in the 737 you get used to stopping the STS auto trimmer with opposite trim - but only if you regularly fly the departure beyond 5,000 ft.

If you are a company man-woman who engages the autopilot at 1,000 ft on every departure, you are not going to be familiar with that reaction. So if the autopilot hands back control at 1,500 ft, you might be left in unfamiliar territory.

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