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Mad (Flt) Scientist - likely you were addressing (1256) a couple posts I set out (1198, 1203).

Very pertinent info regarding how test pilot community determines capacities of the......here's where perhaps an issue arises. The phrasing "average pilot" most reasonably would refer to an at least minimally professionally capable one. The regs don't say "average"; they refer to non-exceptional. Which makes perfect sense of course, even more so with your explanatory comments in view.(And it's probably more akin to "minimally professionally capable plus a margin of additional skill, alertness and/or strength", isn't it?)

But when the public sees "average", the meaning includes some items that are above that level or value, some that are below. And while of course there always will be variations among any quite large population, the implication in the phrasing was too easily that some aviators have to have nominal information sets dumbed-down.

It still leaves the question, with advancing cockpit and flight control automation generally, and the complexities it tends to bring with, does the baseline of the "non-exceptional yet still positively professionally capable" pilot mask variations in ability to stay ahead of both the airplane and its automated systems? Maybe the eventual investigation findings will negate this factor as relevant, but so far it appears important.

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