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From the preliminary AAIB report:
"The helicopter then began a climb on a rearward flight path2 while maintaining a northerly heading. Gear retraction started as it passed through a height of approximately 320 ft. The climb then paused. Heading changes consistent with the direction of pedal movements were recorded initially, then the helicopter entered an increasing right yaw contrary to the pilotís left pedal command. The helicopter reached a radio height3 of approximately 430 ft before descending with a high rotation rate."

There seems to have been an increase of 110 feet RADALT after the TR event. However, as someone pointed out, the surface beneath the helicopter is not even so it could also be a Red Herring.
the report highlights the 430 as being radio height but not the 320 so I wouldn't set too much store in the accuracy of the comparison - it may be they are both rad alt heights but maybe not - ADC perhaps?

Much like the footnote at the beginning that specifies the timings are approximate since they come from a variety of unverified sources. Trying to come to accurate conclusions based on potentially inaccurate information is folly.
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