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Originally Posted by sSquares View Post
Do these companies not realise that they have the pension money of people invested in them that are there for the long haul and not for quick gains?
When the NYSE wants monthly updates and quarterly statements, when the fund managers make money long, short up and down it matters little.
AOC responsibility isn't vested with CEOs, it rests with underlings.
Teams of legal ensure the corporation is protected. The Warsaw Convention limits payouts, meaning that with the appropriate insurance the 'corporation' continues on.
To truly understand the disconnect in the modern corporation is to look right into the eye of the MBA. It knows how to tell you the price of everything (which is then minimised by outsourcing or contracting) but is not in the slightest concerned with the cost of anything. When incentive is structured, these managers cut for the short term, as their incentives are short term.
As the Esso Longford gas explosion Royal Commission demonstrated managers hoped it didn't happen on their shift.
The modern day airline management know the price of everything, they cut until it breaks hoping that the point of failure happens when the other guy is in charge.
As NASA found out with the Challenger, the Normalisation of Deviance is costly.

That Boeing withheld pertinent information ought concern all pilots. It would appear the unions have noticed the significance.
The FAA must act but will continue twiddling its thumbs hoping that nothing else goes wrong...
After all there is a lot riding on the commercial success of this product. You could almost bet the airlines are lobbying as are Boeing not to do anything as the 'commercial impact' will be substantial. The FAA ought be focused on the impact of that aircraft in the sea and the lost souls.
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