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Originally Posted by Capn Bloggs View Post
601, unless you dipped the tanks every day to verify the gauges were correct, you didn't really know how much was on board. The numbers will add up but unless you go down to the minimum fuel lights and prove the gauges are correct, the quantity on board could well be different to what you think.
My goodness, what is the world coming to, I agree with Bloggsie. This has happened several times in calendar 18, is this a record??
Tootle pip!!

PS: Some of you still do not have a clue about the immutable engineering rules of "order of accuracy". The FFR (or whatever it is called this week) is to cover said "order of accuracy" or, put another way, so that you still have your engine(s) runnings touchdown ---- you DO NOT necessarily have 30 minutes of usable fuel. ALL usable fuel is the fuel except the FFR.
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