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Originally Posted by Numero Crunchero View Post
Is there any truth that last Fridays CX/HKAOA meeting was secretly recorded ( by the company ) and in the recording GC members promotions and management appointments were discussed IF they could pursuade the membership to drop the TB by the New year ?

That was your original post unitabx - and the answer is NO.

You have since moved the goal posts on what you are asking - your last post says a meeting was held with DSS, PB and Mark C. I know who DSS is but no idea who PB or Mark C are? They are not on the GC nor are they known to me as managers at CX.

Now there is one slight problem. DSS was at TST all day with 15-18 witnesses who can verify his attendance there for a day long GC meeting. And the NC were give ODs to brief the GC.

So keep watching your X files reruns - the truth (or a good PPRuNe rumour) is out there!
If the real names got out they would be linched !
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