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I'm sure you are both loved and needed. You have some valid points and I do believe the company is trying to address your Cons. I think your churn figure is too high; brief last week was less than half that as a rolling 12 month figure. There has been a slight increase but still way below industry norms. With more opportunities available I think it is inevitable the churn will increase a little. Time will tell how competitive we remain.

For perspective new hires we need to put our internal comments, driven by a long period of career stagnation in context:

We are financially secure; something most of our competitors crews cannot say with confidence. There appears to be a cunning plan for controlled growth without over exposing us to the next downturn and we are now hiring and upgrading in fairly significant numbers. I believe the 6 year to upgrade estimate is reasonable, especially in a competitive hiring environment and the beginning of age related retirements just over the horizon.

Overall I think Delta12's comments are pretty accurate and we have the nice problem of keeping up with demand in 2019.

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