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Originally Posted by jmg1403 View Post
Hi All

Can anyone recommend flying schools in Australia, preferably Sydney/Gold Coast. I have seen a few posts with people having bad experiences but no recommendations.

A bit about me, without trying to sound like i'm writing my profile on a dating website Im originally from Bonnie Scotland currently residing in Sydney. Im 33, work in Construction, and have wanted to be a pilot since my early teens. Realistically i would like to do the training full time- PPL-CPL as far as i am aware is the route, and aim to gain a cpl and look for a job in the RHS around the 36 mark. Giving me around 30 years of a flying career after that. I have read the posts about struggles of the job and training, costs etc but i think f*c* it you only live once and im in the position that my only commitment at the moment is myself and i have a job i can fall back on worst case scenario. Anyway enough negativity. Any help on the route i should take from here with regards to course structure and ratings to put me in the best position possible for employment would be great

Peace out
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